Coaching Agile Teams

2 words, Agile and Coaching, seem to be the greatest buzz words after brain and neuro from last 5 years or so. No one would have heard it more frequently now than ever before. And the way things are progressing, I see them staying in the top buzz words list for next many decades. Let’s…

Idea Of Forcing Daily Standup To 15 Minutes Is Nonsense!

Have you seen scrum master / coach calling off standups once 15 minutes are elapsed irrespective of whether there are still some cards to be discussed (in walk the wall style) or few team members yet to sync up (in round robin style)?

Lets get it right. Should daily standups be less than 15 minutes? YES. Should it be forcefully timeboxed to 15 mins by Scrum Master or Agile Coach. NO.

Contracts In Agile

Inverted Iron Triangle In Agile

Can fixed bid contracts be executed in agile fashion? Can we figure out and fixed schedule and / or cost in agile? I have seen, heard and faced a lot of debate and opinions around this. All were clarified when I read Agile Estimating and Planning by Mike Cohn. When estimated and planned in correct…